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ASTM A572 Grade 65 (S 460 AP) HSLA Steel
General Form
Material Properties
Density: 7.8 g/cm3 (490 lb/ft3)
Elongation at Break: 15 %
Strength to Weight Ratio: 71 kN-m/kg
Tensile Strength: Ultimate (UTS): 550 MPa (80 x 103 psi)
Tensile Strength: Yield (Proof): 450 MPa (65 x 103 psi)
Thermal Conductivity: 44 W/m-K
See Also
ASTM A 572: Standard Specification for High-Strength Low-Alloy Columbium-Vanadium Structural Steel
Ferrous Materials: Steel and Cast Iron, Hans Berns and Werner Theisen, 2008
Manufacture and Uses of Alloy Steels, Henry D. Hibbard, 2005