Polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE)

PTFE is a thermoplastic material, further classified as a fluoroplastic.

It has three common variants, each represented as a separate material.

Material Properties

Compressive (Crushing) Strength12 to 6800 MPa (1.7 to 990 x 103 psi)

Density2.1 to 2.3 g/cm3 (130 to 140 lb/ft3)

Dielectric Constant (Relative Permittivity)2.1 to 2.4

Electrical Resistivity Order of Magnitude2 to 19 10x Ω-m

Elongation at Break75 to 300 %

Flexural Modulus0.4 to 1.3 GPa (0.058 to 0.19 x 106 psi)

Flexural Strength13 to 16 MPa (1.9 to 2.3 x 103 psi)

Limiting Oxygen Index (LOI)90 %

Melting Onset (Solidus)330 to 340 °C (630 to 640 °F)

Strength to Weight Ratio6.2 to 11 kN-m/kg

Tensile Strength: Ultimate (UTS)13 to 25 MPa (1.9 to 3.6 x 103 psi)

Thermal Conductivity0.24 to 0.65 W/m-K

Thermal Expansion110 to 130 µm/m-K

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