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Licensing Our Data

The core of is a carefully curated database of material properties. At this scale, we believe our data to be of the highest quality in the world. You can license this data for your product or commercial project for US $1 per datapoint.

This includes delivery of the data in a format uniquely suited to your needs: we'll work with you or your technical team to resolve the fine points of information schema at no additional charge. If this is a subject you haven't given much thought to, you're not alone — and we can help. We can also apply dynamic conditions and smart filtering to the data, to ensure that you don't pay for anything you don't need.

The ultimate deliverable will be a spreadsheet (or another file format, as required) and the right to reproduce its contents towards a particular end. While some types of data (such as densities) are a fact of nature and not copyrightable, a great deal of our data is our intellectual property. The generation of such data involves thoughtful editorial decisions by staff with an appropriate engineering background. To maintain our rights, we require a suitable acknowledgement to be included in the end product. But we won't place any additional restrictions on what you do with the data.

Please direct any enquiries to Note that if you don't see the exact type of information you're looking for on the website, we might still have it — we don't publish everything we have on file.