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Privacy Policy

Being a registered user with requires you to share certain types of personally identifiable information with us. We require this information know our customers and to maintain proper records of financial transactions (which we are required to keep for 7 years). We do not keep personally identifiable information for any purpose other than that. We do not share personally identifiable information with third parties, except to support operations (such as working with credit card payment processors), or as required by law.

On occasion, we will gather detailed usage data to help us better understand how to improve our offering. This data will be anonymized, so that it cannot be traced back to a particular identifiable person.

As time goes by, we may find ourselves in need of additional information about our registered users. In that case, we will ask for it and update this document. Existing users may be required to accept the updated privacy policy in order to continue using the service. If you choose not to, we reserve the right to issue a refund (complete or prorated) and close your account.