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This website carries data about generic engineering materials. We don't supply any of these materials — we merely make the data available to the public. The most recent user survey has our audience at 63% industry professionals, 26% academic, and the rest as some type of "other". Since the entire website is dedicated to data used in engineering decisions, there is no ambiguity about why they're here.

If you'd like to reach this audience, we can help. In particular, we're keen to work with companies that supply the materials we mention, because we can place them right on the pages of relevant materials. You can reach us at

According to Google Analytics, the top ten countries of origin for our audience (with percentages) are:

  • United States (29.9%)
  • India (11.1%)
  • United Kingdom (5.2%)
  • Canada (4.0%)
  • Germany (3.2%)
  • Australia (2.3%)
  • Italy (2.3%)
  • South Korea (2.0%)
  • France (2.0%)
  • Turkey (2.0%)

Traffic varies significantly between materials, simply because some are a lot better known (and thus more frequently searched for) than others. We can provide specific numbers for your particular case.