AISI 304 (SUS304, 1.4301, S30400) Stainless Steel


Most popular stainless steel alloy. The nearest casting equivalent of this wrought alloy is considered to be ASTM CF8 (SCS13, SCS13A, 1.4308, 304C15, J92600) Cast Stainless Steel.


Bulk Modulus
130 GPa, or 18 106 psi
7.9 g/cm3, or 490 lb/ft3
Elastic (Young's) Modulus
200 GPa, or 29 106 psi
Elongation at Break
7 to 35 %
Maximum Temperature
Typical Guideline
870 °C, or 1500 °F
Maximum Temperature
Onset of Melting (Solidus)
1400 °C, or 2500 °F
Shear Modulus
100 GPa, or 14 106 psi
Specific Heat Capacity
500 J/kg-K
Specific Heat Capacity
3900 103 J/m3-K
Speed of Sound
150 103 m/s, or 490 103 ft/s
Stiffness-to-Weight Ratio
25 MN-m/kg
Tensile Strength
Ultimate, Minimum
Tensile Strength
Yield, Minimum
Thermal Conductivity
16.3 W/m-K
Thermal Conductivity
500°C (930°F)
Thermal Expansion
20 to 100°C
16.5 µm/m-K
Thermal Expansion
20 to 200°C
Thermal Expansion
20 to 300°C
Thermal Expansion
20 to 500°C
Thermal Expansion
20 to 1000°C
20 µm/m-K

Only showing properties for which the substantial majority of variants have data.

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